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    The Way of Oneness

  • What is Endao Healing?

    Helping you come back into balance & reconnect with your true divine nature.

    Body Spirit Realignment stream

    Body/Spirit ReAlignment

    Empower and aid you in your journey to become whole again by holding you in a nurturing space and using various energy healing and consciousness elevating practices so you can eventually remember and embody your divinity.

    • Quantum Healing
    • Intuitive Energy Reading
    • Spiritual Counseling
    • Conscious Lifestyle Consulting

    My process consists of building trust by creating an energetic container of unconditional acceptance, then tuning into your soul, assessing where there are blockages, then intuiting the best modality to help aid your shifts into greater balance. It is a co-creation of wholeness within your Being, allowing for empowered healing and increased self-awareness.

  • Amarantos Spiritual Healer

    Are you ready to be assisted in your process of transformation?


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    a 1hr Session when you are ready to dive in.

  • Service Offerings

    Energy Work -•- Energy Reading -•- Spiritual Intuitive -•- Lifestyle Mentoring

    oracle, angel

    Intuitive Energy Reading

    Oracle & Angel Cards

    Reading the energy in your field and assessing the potentials within your life and along your path using oracle & angel cards to speak with your higher guides and helpers. Through this process bringing greater awareness to your inner world and what you are choosing to manifest, allowing you to make adjustments as desired.

    reiki accunect energy

    Quantum Healing Session

    Reiki & Accunect

    Utilizing the Usui Lineage of the ancient practice of Reiki to channel source energy in conjunction with the practice of Accunect, which combines modern and traditional Chinese medicine, in order to enter the zero point field and bring healing and balance through what your body is ready to shift internally.

    Spiritual Counseling Session

    Honoring Your Divinity

    Find your place in this new world that is unique to you and fulfills your soul's purpose. Allow me to hold an unconditional loving, forgiving, and accepting space for you to explore your spiritual journey. To better make sense of the journey from a space of intimacy and understanding. Making quantum shift to a place of empowerment, sovereignty, and abundance.​

    Conscious Lifestyle Consulting

    Higher Awareness Living

    Through discussion and inquiry we will discovery together the conscious shifts and methods best suited for supporting your evolutionary path of empowered embodiment and inspired living.

    Allow me to share my vast body of knowledge and information in order to help guide you to create the life of your dreams.​]

    All sessions are an hour & based on what is need at the moment.


    Custom Packages Available


    Payment is Sliding Scale, Suggested Donation Based.


  • Energetic Exchange

    Your Contribution Helps Maintain Balance & Aids Me In Showing

    Up In My Fullest Service. Your Support Is Greatly Appreciated In The Continued Blossoming of Endao Healing & My Mission of Seeding Unity, Joy, Peace, & Harmony In The World.

  • Client Experiences

    Samantha Brown Yoga Seed Studio

    Samantha Brown

    Yoga Studio Owner, Reiki Master, Body Talk Practitioner

    "Twenty minutes into the session and it was like all of my fears and anxiety melted away. I almost couldn't remember why I was so upset. Not only did I not feel upset, all of the solutions came to me so effortlessly and easily. Each time I had a thought, Amarantos would start to say the words out loud. It was as if he knew what was floating inside of my mind. And as he spoke, all my discomforts from the situation just melted away."

    Savana Rose Woods

    Savana Rose

    Digital Marketing Consultant

    "I literally felt like I had quantum leaped out of delusion and stepped back into clarity. I felt more whole and more empowered. I had such a busy work load that week and he really helped me feel so light and easy that I was able to be full speed back at work, effortlessly and focused. Thank you Amarantos! "

    Savana Rose Woods

    Janina Lüscher

    Florist/Interior Designer

    I met Amarantos in September 2016 at a hostel in Cuenca, Ecuador while traveling in South America. Before I even saw him, I looked at the books he was reading and thought ‘oh interesting!’. When he entered the room, I could feel his good energies before I even saw him! After hiking in the Nacional Park we went out for dinner and talked for a very long time about how things are connected; energies, time, different dimensions and if this world is an illusion. We completely forgot the time (which is an illusion, we agreed. We decided to travel south together to Peru.

    During the travel, our conversations got more intense: spirituality, healing, reincarnation, other civilizations, awakening, meaning of life... He brought to words what I sensed. ‘You’re not learning, you remember!’ he used to say to me.

    He opened a whole new ‘World’ to me. The information he shared was new but the message felt very familiar. I realized later that these things Mum spoke about over the years and it influenced my education. But Amarantos extended these topics and gave them a new perspective.

    I grew as a person from working with him. I know there are no coincidences meeting people.

    With all of my heart,

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    • Global Energy Healer
    • Galactic Shamanic Midwife
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    (971) 227 5347 - text or call
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